mandag 16. mars 2009

Close to the finish line

Wow - 28th of January: my last blog. I'm really sorry for those of you who have been interested in knowing how I'm doing!

The political situation is worse than ever and it seems like it will never end. We have been without work since my last blog, didn't get a proper infield and have just been stuck here doing basically nothing. But we're all fine and nothing bad has happened. i lost my wallet though, that was quite bad, but that's what happens when everybody tries to get out of the bus at the same time. I didn't get hurt or anything so it could've been much worse.
As me and Jens are in charge of the English Club we’re the ones with the most work. Therefore Arnhild and Øyvin went to Antsirabe to work with Birgitte, the ettåring, these last weeks. Jens and I might go there in a week or so, but who knows if the roads will be blocked or what. So for now we’re just staying here and I am enjoying the last weeks - my last chance to talk to people and appreciate this fantastic country before I go home.

I’m sorry this is quite short, but I’ll try to update soon, and then a bit longer. We’re still fine and I love it here!

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April sa...


I noticed you were in Vohipeno planting rice.

I lived there for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I could not but help notice you were in the water. Did you get tested for Schistosomiasis or checked? Some PCVs had it from working in rice paddies.